Can a DDE UNLIMITED run as chief on a ATB that is under 500 gt and nc ?

A DDE Unlimited can run as Chief on any vessel less than 500 GRT on any route. Keep in mind that if the vessel is required to comply with STCW (vessels less than 200 GRT are exempt unless they go foreign) then you’ll also need Chief Engineer III/2.

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Yes. Unfortunately all the major companies want a Chief Limited Oceans now, why I’m upgrading.

Like captphoenix said, dde unlimited is an oceans license and III/2 is the critical endorsement per the manning document usually. When i held dde unlimited i got shot down repeatedly by the NMC getting it, and missed out on a couple job opportunities on account of that. There are some dde unlimiteds that have it though. Depends on who evaluates you.

I have lll/2 on my mmc.

Some companies want a chief limited regardless but regulation wise, assuming the atb is under 500 GT/GRT you should be good to go since you have III/2.

Yes it is under 500 gt . Thanks for the info

See 46 CFR 15.915.