Darwin Award Redux

The US Chemical Safety Board Deepwater Horizon BOP failure mode video was quite good and an interesting new viewpoint.

The www.csb.gov website has some very good accident reconstruction videos for a variety of industrial processes.

But this is the one that looks to best qualify for Darwin Award http://www.csb.gov/videos/death-in-the-oilfield/

Tell me you haven’t seen that type of stuff before in MS ! Riiiiight.


But after watching several of the Videos (really good viewing for conspiracy fans), it is now entirely clear that this useless government appendage only interferes in the activities of business people just trying to make a fast buck.

Come on, who needs Guvv’ermint investigators lapping at the trough, poking around, finding root causes and causal factors, then recommending actions and making VIDEOS ?

I mean look at those slugs in the video drawing a taxpayer funded paycheck.

Everyone knows the best way to check for flammable gases in a tank is by sticking a lit smoke wrench in the manhole. If you don’t get done blowed up right then and there, she is good to go, Get 'Er Done.

Why tell us to use some silly gas detector or blank off the vent line and all that …Guvv’ermint Overreach fer sure !

I say let’s extend the carried interest tax loophole for the Job Creators instead of funding this crap.