Shell Arctic Send-off Fail - Video

Can you believe this shit?


I’m afraid that we’ve all been spoofed here Mike

you certainly have to give credit to those who thought this one up. I succeeded amazingly well imo.

too bad Xena wasn’t there…maybe I should go down to Harbor Island and set up a 24/7 vigil to await her arrival? What else might Greenpeace be cooking up to disrupt the departure of the rigs? You know that it has to be something clever after this one!

If this had been real can you imagine the internal Shell Incident Investigation with some high level exec asking:

  1. was a JSA and toolbox talk done before the party started?
  2. was a risk analysis considered and why doesn’t there one completed?
  3. why is no one in PPE?
  4. does Shell have an emergency response procedure for this and why was it not followed?
  5. was there an HSE “bridging document” in place between Space Needle management and Shell’s?
  6. why were cell phones and cameras allowed in the room without hot work permits?
  7. why weren’t all the cell phones not collected by the HSE rep immediately after everyone got off the elevator?

It really would have been incredible if it had been a Noble Drilling Corp. sponsored event with Captain Klinkconnell as MC where the fake little drilling derrick blew out, exploded and then fell over. Oh well one can dream after all…


You are smarter than you appear, Captain c.captain :wink:

What a bunch of goons, the Esperanza is at northlake shipyard right now in lake union.

[QUOTE=Mikey;71355]You are smarter than you appear, Captain c.captain ;-)[/QUOTE]

Man, if you only knew all the bizarre twisted secrets that lie beneath this greasy dirt crusted exterior…

see you in the funny pages Mike…


You know for me this is all one huge paradox because as much as I want Shell to succeed in Arctic Alaska, I would love for Noble to fail but if Noble fails so does Shell. I guess the best I can hope for is just more embarrassing events like this one and Lucy Lawless’s spectacular climb in New Plymouth back in February. Being the perpetual wiseass that I am, I get the greatest amusement from these great stunts. I do hope that they continue especially at the expense of N/D. Sorry, but that bunch truly deserves ever bit of the shit that sticks to them.

Why on earth can’t Shell “marry” a “Swedish former Miss World trophy wife” type drilling contractor like Stena for their arctic program instead of the “snaggletoothed old hag picked up in a dive bar in Sugarland” they are “shacking up” with? If Noble doesn’t perform, I pray that the Royal Dutch/Shell Global HQ in the Netherlands finally steps in and tells Shell US in Houston ENOUGH of this wasting unbelievably vast amounts of money on the Frontiers and Nobles and let’s do it RIGHT FROM NOW ON! I mean Shell has the money for this…look at the AIVIQ for Christ’s sake! Stop fucking around with some other company’s stupid designs and management and just build a new TRUE arctic class purpose built ship even if it costs a billion effing dollars. Then contract the operation of it to a TOP FLIGHT drilling company! The amounts of energy in the Arctic support the investment!

The fucking DISCO is a joke of a drillship that has an abysmal record of wells completed successfully, the KULLUK is ancient and the BULLY’s are never going to be able to drill in the ice without being completely rebuilt to the tune of more than a year in a shipyard and at least $250M each to rework. I mean they did not even put in the structure for a turret in the moonpool area and now have the effing sponsons which would make the flow of ice around the hull a nightmare if moored without a turret.

Fucking IDIOTS all of them!


[QUOTE=c.captain;71352]It really would have been incredible if it had been a Noble Drilling Corp. sponsored event with Captain Klinkconnell as MC where the fake little drilling derrick blew out, exploded and then fell over.[/QUOTE]

speaking of which…look at the tall young guy behind the podium and tell me??? Looks pretty damned close imo…only just a strange coincidence? Gotta wonder?

where were you on the afternoon of June 6th, 1947?

As much as your ego would like to see Noble f*ck up, we are all one incident away from the unemployment line…At least that’s the vibe in the GoM.