Cutting of Golden Ray Wreck Delayed by Engineering Challenges

the fifth anchor which is said to be at the most challenging mooring site in the system did not meet its pull-test requirements.

“Didi not meet its pull-test requirement” Presumably in mariner terms the fifth anchor dragged when tested under strain.

It’s there.

Good news perhaps. Hope everyone gets paid for their work.

Why wouldn’d they?

Delays,liability claims, demurrage, company insurers, contract attorneys on all sides… etc,etc This will be in the courts for years.

I thought you meant the crane vessel crew but you’re right about the rest of the players.
Who’s to say that the delay the salvagers attributed to the hurricane season wasn’t a red herring and in fact resulted from the time it took for the surveyor’s attorneys to make sure they would be paid. Hadn’t they already started getting ready to stage just prior to hurricane season before pulling out?