Custom, intensive T-Nav/500/1600/3M Deck Upgrade Prep Course -- July 6-25

Custom Deck Upgrade Course Opportunity: We currently have 3 mariners signed-up for a 20-day, intensive (10-18 hours per day, 7-days per week) T-Nav/500/1600/3M Deck Upgrade Prep Course to be held in the Houston/Galveston area July 6-25. This course will be taught by a very well-respected instructor with an outstanding record of not only having his students pass their exams on the first attempt, but also of helping students truly understand the material. Course price is $3000, but will drop by $100/student up to 10 students total ($2300 if 10 confirm). We will be reserving a study house/crash pad for interested participants on a cost-sharing basis ($30-$70/night/person). PM for more info if interested.

Thank you !

[QUOTE=Kem Lulanjina;163215]Thank you ![/QUOTE]

Why would anyone need more than 10 days of class for T-Nav?

Is this course still available?

Looks like this was in 2015…