Currently Hold First Class Pilotage, Now looking to Get 1600 Ton Master Inland

Hi Guys,

I currently hold a 200 Master Oceans along with First Class Pilotage for Great South Bay limited to 200 tons. I haven’t submitted the paperwork but I will be in the fall for Master 1600 Ton Inland.
When I took the First Class Pilotage Exams, I had taken the full set of exams for Any Gross Tonnage but it was limited to 200 tons.
I was told then by an evaluator at the time when I upgraded my license to 1600 Ton Inland, the exams would be limited. Do you think that would be the case. Should I mention this when I submit my application for the upgrade? I appreciate any insight.



Don’t mention unless you can cite a supporting policy or regulation that says that. If you don’t have that, it won’t help. I’m not aware of any such policy or regulation.