CSU Hurricane Update

The updated hurricane outlook from CSU is still looking for 95% of this year’s activity yet to come. As of July 31st there were 2 named storms with 1 of them a hurricane. Since August 1st Colin developed so for the remainder of this season the CSU is looking for 15 more named storms, 9 more hurricanes including 5 major hurricanes. NOAA’s August Hurricane Outlook Update is looking for 11-17 additional named storms, 7-11 more hurricanes and 4-6 major hurricanes between now and the end of November.

August CSU 4th Update

NOAA August Update

You can also go to the CSU 2010 Tropical Cyclone Landfall Probabilities Page to find out the statistical risk for your state, region, and county.

US Landfalling Hurricane Probability Project