Crystal River Coal Plant Demolished

With the Crystal River coal-fired power plant demolished, does anyone know what the dry-bulk ATB’s devoted to supplying that facility with coal have been up to lately? Kirby’s Jason E. Duttinger and Capt. Donald Lowe Sr. come to mind but I believe Express Marine Inc. had a couple of boats going in and out of there as well. I think the z-drive ATB Freedom and maybe one other but I don’t quite remember.

Any scuttlebutt on new contracts or work for these boats now that the purpose they were built for has gone away?

The former company “Gulf Coast Transit” had a piece of that. Saw one or two of their awsome rigs on this and other Tug related sites that were “Repurposed”.,and renamed …Most scrapped.

I just noticed on Marine Traffic that the Express Marine ATB Freedom is heading from Davant to Tampa. Sounds like a grain run. Still wondering what the other former-Crystal River boats are up to these days. The Duttinger and the Lowe have been anchored in the river since before Christmas.