Crowleys wind farm

crowley has always had a presents in eureka. essentially one tug at the little marina on Samoa. for wood chip barges and the occasional ship. still don’t see the modeling of this floating wind farm for tsunami. OR where the money is coming from to develop this essentially barren island. This little town ihas always been desperate for commerce. except by water there is no good road transportation system other than the two lane route 101 from the south through the redwoods

Floating wind farms will be situated in deep water where tsunamis are hardly detectable.

Not sure where you get your information from but just the surge from a tsunami moving from shore off shore will be enough to separate it from its moorings it doesn’t have to be a large wave
Fukushima EQ created a surge in San Francisco Bay which caused damage
I was there

Because of a tsunami’s long wavelengths, which can be hundreds of miles, a tsunami is barely noticeable in the deep ocean and rarely more than three feet (one meter) high.

Source: NWS JetStream - Tsunami Propagation

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My Friend,

as always your imperial data is correct. I am just having trouble as a practical matter of this undertaking, having been offshore and onshore in this area for the 40 years I lived in northern California

Floating wind turbines are a new technology under rapid development around the world.
The first one has been in position off Utsira in Norway since 2009 :

The first large floating wind turbine, Hywind, was installed in the sea 13 kilometres west of Karmøy in 2009. Photo: Øyvind Lie

Hywind was developed, owned and operated by Equinor until 20 and is still there, now under new ownership:

Source: Equinor selger verdens første flytende vindmølle til Unitech -

Equinor was also the first to develop a commercial Floating Wind Farm and one of the bidders for suitable acreage off USWC:

Floating wind farms will be situated in deep water where tsunamis are hardly detectable.

That shore facility Crowley is building, however… let’s just say I wouldn’t be chomping at the bit to work there. I drove through Samoa last summer. That place will be barely a speedbump for a tsunami.

We shall see the Fukushima tidal wave traveled 4000 miles and entered sf bay at ten knots. San Andreas fault enters the pacific just south of Humboldt
Your right about Samoa the only thing out there is the cook house a small marina on the south side and the uscg base

A Cascadia subduction zone quake is what would keep me awake at night there. The time to reach high ground from Samoa seems painfully long.