Crowley ATB

Good evening guys! If you work on a Crowley ATB permanent, do this time go towards your Seatime days towards the union and also towards your Cigna health insurance?

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Also, does a deck utility get an opportunity to get involved with what the Tankerman PIC does on Crowley ATBs, such as disconnecting hoses, opening and closing the blanks, cleaning tanks etc.

Yes to all of the above.

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Hey Jody do you know if they also provide coveralls?

Yes. Coveralls provided.

For 650 series the mate on watch will call out utility to help tie up and let go, connect and disconnect hoses, etc. Utility is “on call” in port, mainly doing sanitary duties when not involved in the operations listed above.
At sea, depending on how long the passage is, the utility will stand an at-sea watch as lookout at night, thus allowing the tankermen and utility to be on 4x8 watches. This is provided that the utility has learned how to start the barge generators, switch power, and is proficient in anchor evolutions.