Crewing question


Hi Folks,
I’m wondering if any of you can tell me (us) about how companies like Oceaneering and Deep Marine Tech staff their vessels. From what I have surmised Deep Marine has or had a relationship with Otto Candies and Oceaneering has leased/chartered at least one vessel from Chouest’s oversea’s outfit Island Offshore. Do they staff these boats themselves or through the maritime companies…?

I ask because the work they do is interesting and might allow me to put skills from other “lives” to work some day when I get my license…
Thanks folks!


Oceaneering hires thier own marine crew directly. Sometimes they use C-Mar if they are short handed and don;t have any Oceaneering people.


The vessels Oceaneering charters from Island Offshore are crewed only by Norwegians or so I was told when I asked them!


Thanks folks,
I expect to start knocking on doors about the first of July…


I don’t know too many of the details yet but Edison Chouest is now running their own ROV’s under the name C-Innovation.


Thats true John,
Chouest does own C-Innovations


Oceaneering has two <100grt boats. The Quest and the Inspector. That means unlicensed deck hand. A DH starts at $150/day.

OI also has a few bigger boats. The Project is a 35 year old 930 grt anchor boat and has 2 ABs that start at $250/day and no OS. The Ocean Intervention and the OI-2 have ABs but their ABs are experienced guys with crane skills who make I hear about $300+?day. I dont hear much about turnover or hiring. Rather stable.