Credential question 1600t master vs 200t mate

Does a 1600 ton mate NC supercedes a 200 ton master?

Note: Note question is a year old.

No. One is a mate license and one is a master license. Getting the mate 1600 will not remove the master notation from your MMC as they allow you to work in different capacities.

Continuing the response to a stale post…
If the question is (was) can a person who holds Mate Less Than 1,600 GRT can serve as Master on a vessel of less than 200 GRT? The answer to that question is maybe. Anyone with an endorsement as Mate for 200 GRT or more can serve as the Master of a vessel of less than 100 GRT, see 46 CFR 15.901(a). They can not serve as Master on a vessel of 100 GRT or more.