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It was the Singapore gov that said it will die in the heat on outside surfaces so if thats a conspiracy theory then you should email the gov and tell them that in your opinion they are wrong.
Singapore not spraying outside like other countries

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its outside the body so cant live like AIDS as opposed to some common Hepatitis and cholera etc strains that will survive.

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This what you said.
Nothing about “on outside surfaces”

I have no argument about viruses and bacteria being “cooked” and killed on outdoor surfaces being exposed to direct tropical sunlight.
Having lived and worked in the tropics most of my life, I’m VERY familiar with how hot outdoor surfaces can become.

Neither do Norway, but for a different reason. (They don’t think it helps to do so)

PS> You see a lot of “outdoor spraying” these days, but that is to wash away the sand, salt and grim from the winter and happens every year.

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I haven’t seen this resource posted. The data is a little delayed, but you can see state-by-state infection including distribution.

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News from Washington state:
The governor was one of the earliest to enact COVID19 restrictions, and is one of the most adamant that state policies will be based on medical science. With that in mind:

Last Friday he announced Boeing, one of the state’s biggest employers, is reopening. The Boeing workforce did have a COVID19 death some weeks ago, but the workers have decided the company’s plan for a safe reopening are OK.

Residential construction is restarting. Lately, only those construction sites that would see significant damage if building didn’t proceed were allowed to keep working. Now, all residential construction can proceed, as long as COVID19 rules developed by the building trade organizations are being followed, and the builders provide PPE to their workers.

Sport fishing will reopen in the latter part of May. Boat ramps will open in May. There are COVID19 rules here, too. The issue according the governor, wasn’t so much the people in the boat, but all the commerce associated with the boating: buying gas, motels, even the health of the wardens who interact with the public.

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From WAPO (Edited at…):

CDC confirms six coronavirus symptoms showing up in patients over and over

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added six symptoms of the novel coronavirus to its list…The symptoms, which the CDC reports could appear two to 14 days after exposure to the virus, are:

  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell

Previously, the CDC listed just three known symptoms: shortness of breath, cough and fever.

The additions confirm what patients and doctors have been reporting anecdotally for weeks. In particular, the loss of taste or smell has been known to appear in patients since at least mid-March when a British group of ear, nose and throat doctors published a statement amid growing concern that it could be an early sign someone is infected but otherwise asymptomatic.

A study of European covid-19 patients found between 85.6 percent and 88 percent of patients “reported olfactory and gustatory dysfunctions, respectively.” In an Iranian study, 76 percent of covid-19 patients who reported a loss of smell said it had a sudden onset. In many of the cases, anosmia, as it’s called, appeared before other symptoms.

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Speaking of Louisiana, the governor announced today a few hours ago, stay home order goes to 15 May now.

That act of theater didn’t last long.

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What a charade for a non-functional hospital ship that was even met by Trump at the waterfront to applaud it. A public failure. The Navy doesn’t seem to care much for the civilians who have to pay for their salaries and other expenses.

It was hot this weekend in California. And so people sought cooling on the beach en masse. Although the beaches in Los Angeles and San Diego are closed, they were open in Ventura and Orange Counties. And there it was busy, very busy. Enjoy!

Evasive move…

President Trump said he takes no responsibility for a spike in people using disinfectants improperly after dangerously suggesting last week that ingesting it could serve as a coronavirus treatment. Asked about the increase, he said, “I can’t imagine why.”

From what the ship would only take limited transfers from hospitals. Showtime.

A crop-dusting aircraft and some yellow paint ought to take care of this issue.

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I would personally opt for to spray the beaches with an undiluted desinfectant as prescribed by one dr. Trump of the Trump School of Medicine.

Primum non nocere… :slight_smile:


“I’m not a doctor but I’m a person that has a good you know what.”


Audrey Whitlock is one of the leaders of the ReOpen NC Facebook group, which has close to 70,000 online members and has organized weekly in-person rallies demanding that the state reopen. Whitlock described herself as an “asymptomatic Covid-19 patient” in a since-deleted post to the group on Sunday morning. Regardless of her potential to infect others, she said that abiding by the governor’s orders meant her rights were being violated.

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