Took an Antibodies Test

So…I decided to get a test for covid antibodies as I was certain I’d been infected and had a mild case back in October. To my surprise and disappointment it came back negative.

Now it seems that I probably wasted my money. From subsequent research I’ve learned that the antibodies can dissipate to undetectable levels within a few weeks or months. I did not know that.

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I’ve had the 24 hour PCR test about a dozen times. The rapid test is too unreliable.

This was the serum blood test. Very reliable for antibodies. Not the test for active infection. Detectable antibodies wane over time.
Studies Report Rapid Loss of COVID-19 Antibodies | The Scientist Magazine®

Ok. Now I understand what you were saying.

I suspect that we will need to be vaccinated every year, maybe twice a year, as our antibodies diminish and the virus mutates. There will be too many anti-vaxers, and too many people that neglect to get revaccinated on schedule. The Government will not crackdown on them hard enough. We will have periodic outbreaks of this virus in various places for years to come.


You did. The American Red Cross tests for covid-19 antibodies for free every time you donate blood.

LOL. That would have wasted a LOT of money as well as a lot of time. But good to know for U.S. residents. :sunglasses:

Mine was a waste because too much time had elapsed.

You cats are way ahead of me. Just got on the waiting list for 1b applicants a few days ago. State says it will take at least two months to clear 1b’s unless more vaccines become available. Said they will contact me in the next 7 days. We will see. To the folks that don’t want it, that pushes me more to the front of the line.

Haven’t been vaccinated yet, but I did get registered today in Mexico. Over 60 group.