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Modly still fighting for what’s right.


I presume you have some inside information on this, or some RELIABLE source you can quote?

Or is it just more of your fake news from unreliable and untraceable sources?? (I heard from a friend that know somebody that said so)

Who needs inside information, their subterfuges are public knowledge. China terminates dissidents with extreme prejudice and doctors who tell the truth magically disappear. It is the world’s leader in genocide and animal abuse. It is an incubator of pestilence, purveyor of computer chips with hidden back doors, defective aircraft parts, counterfeit medicine, tainted baby food and pet food containing rat poison.
They rip off intellectual property, bully their neighboring countries in the South China sea and are guilty of countless other sins against humanity.

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But they make a mean General Tsao’s chicken. So there’s that.


Not to mention those little black cloth slippers. They’re adorable.

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True, they are like an eastern hemisphere version of the USA minus the tainted baby and pet food, maybe. They do produce over 80% of the ingredients in medicine brought into the USA. It is nice that US firms gave that job to them as it employs more workers in China that might otherwise be very poor. :wink:

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Interesting statistic in the USS ROOSEVELT coronavirus test data. Up to half of infected people could be asymptomatic.

Of the 416 sailors who tested positive for coronavirus, 229 were asymptomatic. That’s 55%. Granted that demographic was young, fit with few preexisting conditions - not a good representative sample of our population. They did test and survey every individual in a fair sized population. There’s no telling if the asymptomatic would later develop symptoms.

That information came from here:

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The milk and pet food contained melamine, not rat poison. It shows up as protein in a particular test used to measure protein content. I think that as a country they learned from those two episodes. The pet food may have come mostly here, but their own babies were drinking the milk.

Similarly, I haven’t heard of a lead paint problem on toys for quite a while now.

I rest my case.

My point is they’re learning that they’re learning how to do the industrial thing. Fifteen years ago cheap machine tools/accessories from there were mostly awful but extremely cheap. Now India has moved from always awful to mixed, and China is mostly reasonable quality with some very good. That didn’t happen by accident.

I hope NATO launches an investigation into this when things are back to normal. China needs a good bitch slap.

When we start comparing the spread and containment of COVID19 in the USA versus China, or any other countries, and start invoking conspiracy theories, always consider New Zealand.

New Zealand stopped COVID19 in its tracks, with more effectiveness and less drama than any other nation. No vaccinations. No concentration camps. Just an able national leader, an intelligent, determined public, and a strategy that said, "Screw containment, we’re just going to wipe the damn virus out’

It’s simply not possible to design and test a vaccine in such a short period. I believe it’s a year minimum.

An antiviral could be available more quickly but still a matter of months.


I’m not an advocate but if you follow the conspiracy conspiracy train of thought, the answer would be that they would have had to have an effective vaccine prior to releasing the virus. I can’t believe I’m even going there.

Who knows how long China managed to keep a lid on this, I dont trust a damn shit from the government of China.

That’s peachy keen and we’re both old enought to remember Japanese toys made from recyled beer cans but Japan was on its ass. China is a powerhouse with designs.

I do. I particularly remember a little waddling chick. That was GEN MacArthur’s way of getting some cash into the wrecked economy.

China may be a powerhouse with designs, but it’s only recently become an industrial nation. Whereas Japan was already rivaling Germany in optics by WWII, had a machine tool industry, aircraft industry, shipbuilding industry etc…

A year? Without a vaccine? C’mon, be serious.

When a new disease comes along everyone has to hit the ground running. Because the US hit the ground running Ebola didn’t turn into a ten times as horrifying pandemic. We had 24,000 or so people working on it within two or three days of the first patient being recorded. We nailed that sucker, and we could have done it again if all those people hadn’t been fired.

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Ebola is not a good comparison as it is “too hot”. It kills so quickly that the hosts, (people), don’t have a good chance to spread the virus around.

The coronavirus as we know is highly contagious, but manages to leave most of its hosts alive to spread the virus.

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