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Singapore took grip early, closing the border to travelers from Hubei and other affected provinces of China, HK, and S.Korea at first sign of the Covid-19 epidemic and reactivating the precautions implemented during the SARS epidemic in 2003-4, thus limiting the number of cases early.

Now there problem is that this has turned into a pandemic, affecting the whole world- Singapore, being a major travel and shipping hub and an open society, with people from all over the world living and working there, is experiencing a second wave of infections, both imported and locally transmitted.

An efficient health service and extensive testing is still able to keep track of most sources and contacts, but not 100% any more:

Seeing you being the best informed amateur here:

I googled coronavirus+heat+temperature, and many more explicit combinations, and receive always thousands of proposals about the local climate, and summer and winter, and…

I am looking for the sterilization temperatures of this ugly virus; the low and upper limits:

  • Freezing something?

  • Cooking how hot and how long; of vegetables or anything else, not eatable, surviving the water and the temperature?

Do you know something about this?

I do not, but I’ll keep an eye out.

I have been hearing that it doesn’t like food and we should worry little about that route, but I don’t have an authority for it.

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This appears to have survived the usual internet scrutiny:

Kenji on Food Safety

Although I am more conservative than him and cook everything to 160 degrees F.



Thanks for finding the best thing I have read on this subject. Here in NZ all takeouts are also prohibited. There are a number of companies that are still allowed to deliver food where the basic prep has been done and sauces made etc. The recipient has to do the cooking following the enclosed instructions.
I could do without the mental work of turning Fahrenheit into Celsius, I do wish the USA would get with the program.

My go-to site for cooking measurement conversion:

Cooking Measurement Conversion

Hope this helps.



FWIW – FDA take on it.

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Social distancing was visibly absent at the recent Oval Office bill signing. Not a very good example for the nation.

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No. Not a good look. Just a typically ridiculous one. We didn’t send our best people.

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Here is the source study I remembered reading: Stability and inactivation of SARS coronavirus

Result of that study is basically: “Incubation at 60C for 30 min resulted in no infectious virus remaining, regardless of the presence of the protein additive.”

So remember that anything you try to disinfect with heat is recommended to be at 60C constantly for at least 30 minutes. Also note that it takes time for materials to reach that temperature. Disinfecting with lower temperature takes more time and at some point it stops being effective at all. Disinfecting at higher temperature takes less time. So, that 60C is not a magic number but just something reasonable for many materials while not taking excessive amount of time. (Edited this part to reflect reality a bit more. Basic information remained the same)

In addition to that washing machine won’t keep clothes at constant 60C in 60C programme so 90C programme would be a better choice. If that can’t be used then disinfecting detergent should be added. Source: ECDC’s Interim guidance for environmental cleaning in non-healthcare facilities exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (Direct link to PDF)

I recommend to take a look at their other publications regarding COVID-19 as well:

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On a personal note, six members of my family in Maryland are ill – brother, sister in law, two children and their spouses.

Damn. I’m sorry. I don’t know anyone that is sick, but expect a time bomb. Hope for the best.


They’re all at home so far. And mostly in good demographics.

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Interesting article today.

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<sigh>. I have a reputation for saying “that’s interesting” when I’m trying to fix something and discover an anomaly.

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What is essential?
NJ News

Fed guidance was recently changed to say they are but it appears states still establish rules state by state.

Fareed Zakaria interview PM Lee Hsien Loong re: Singapore’s action and reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and more:

PS> the first 7 mins. of a much longer interview.

Fareed Zakaria happens to be my favorite CNN reporter, always on the level, balanced, non hysterical and well founded opinions. That is hard to find these days with all these breaking news cowboys on the media.