COVID-19 Maritime News

During a longshoremen strike in the 1970s an Indonesian flag ship was held back in New York for several weeks.
The Master was a 60-something years old Norwegian who had been member of a Socialist (not Communist) organization as a teenager. He was not allowed ashore and was guarded 24/7.

He was not allowed to visit his brother (who lived in Long Island) even though he offered to pay for the guards to go with him.

The crew change debacle is still a major problem for shipping and seafarers worldwide. It is even deepening according to this article in Lloyd’s List:

But Singapore is doing something to improve their image as a shipping hub:

Singapore is also establishing a Tripartite Alliance Resilience Fund for Safe Crew Change:

The maritime non-profit Hong Kong Registered Crew Assist Ltd is introducing a Health Pass for Seafarers to try to alleviate the crew change problem caused by Covid-19 restrictions around the world:

Will this be accepted by skeptical Port and Health Authorities?

We are the Plague Rats of the world.


By “We” I presume you mean the seafarers of the world?
There are still hundreds of thousands of seafarers treated like “Plague Rats” that is stuck on their ships for months without shore leave, or any possibility of getting home to their families at the end of their contract.

Abt. 5000 of those are American CIVMARs:

No, Ombugge. In my reply to tengineer, I was referring to Americans (as he was). Our “coveted” passport is now generally worthless, because we as a nation decided to treat the virus like the sniffles.

That story ran a few days ago. It is almost identical responses to the subject discussed on this site a while back. Virginian Pilot was way late on their reporting an important subject that impacts the large amount of civmars in the area. That outfit has gone way down since the downsizing after Chicago Tribune owners group took over.

This pandemic could cause the worst shipping crisis in this century and cause grave problem for the world’s supply chain:

Seafarers are feeling the pain, not only in shipping but in the fishing fleet as well:

Some seafarers have already, literally and figuratively,“jumped ship”.

Panama Registry to stop issuing extensions crew contracts:

(Behind high paywall)

Interesting read, thx for sharing . Seafarers are key and essential workers. We know that, too bad the general public doesn’t recognize them as such.

ITF and IMEC join SG-STAR Fund established by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU), and Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS):

Small step towards solving a big problem that affect not only seafarers but their families as well. (Millions of people)

A Singapore shipping company take an initiative to improve living quarter standard on their ship to improve wellness and mental health of their crews:

PS> Eastern Pacific is a major player in shipping, with a fleet of 14 Mill. DWT under management and 5000 employees:

15 years ago the largest circulation Newspaper stopped publishing shipping news after more than 100 years. 55 years ago we had a shipping company with almost 70 ships trading Pacific wide and today it doesn’t exist and it’s passing didn’t gain a mention in the previously mentioned newspaper. The days of public interest in shipping stopped when they could no longer wander along the wharves at weekends and look at the ships. Now they want the ports moved out of sight and out of mind and they don’t care who owns the ships or how they are manned until there is oil on the beach.
Perhaps the complete paralysis of worldwide logistics would be a good thing, I’m right for beer, food and wine and there isn’t a great deal else that I can’t do without.

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Not ALL shipping companies are just hard nosed capitalist apparently:

Maersk were even first to reduce the planned GRI:,rates%20as%20China%20wades%20in&text=Maersk%20has%20reportedly%20reduced%20its,freight%20rates%20on%20the%20trade.
Good news for US X-mas shoppers.

Internet access has become an important part of life for everybody, incl. seafarers:

Congratulation!!! Today it is “World Maritime Day”.
Uppermost in most seafarer’s minds on this day is, not surprisingly, the Crew Change debacle that is still ongoing 6 months into the Covid-19 pandemic:

Meanwhile China is gradually opening up for more crew changes to take place there:

And MPA Singapore gets their Accommodation vessel operating as a “halfway house” for crews that is crew changing in Singapore:,change%20vessel%20by%20the%20MPA.&text=Through%20the%20establishment%20of%20a,while%20minimising%20public%20health%20risk.

Crew change specialist travel manager is marking both it’s 100th charter flight arrangement to help getting seafarers home during the pandemic and it’s 100 year Anniversary:

They are appealing for seafarers to be recognized as key facilitate crew changes to take place.