COVID-19 Maritime News

The boss of Wallem Shipmanagement chip in on the crew change situation:

As does some seafarers:

But while “everybody” talks seafarer’s mental health suffer the consequences:

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Not only American seafarers have problems due to the strict Covid-19 regulations in S.Korea.
If it is any consolation, Russian seafarers have problems too:

More on the subject of seafarer’s mental health:

Maersk is “Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit high” in these Covid-19 times:

What does “entrepreneurial spirit” mean in today’s ‘new age’?
Beyond what the PR-peoples always blathered about?

You raised the question. Any suggestions??

Not Maritime exactly, but the more suitable thread has been closed;

Could happen to a mariner though.


Crews are finally taking actions of their own:

Australia is fining ships because the crew has been on board above the contract period, but do not allow crew change to take place in Australia. Now ships are blocking Australian ports.

One of my pals works MSC. He is over 40 days without a relief. Says his trip is the least number of days regarding a relief amongst the crew. Catch 22 situation, guys want to get back to work, guys want to get off.

ILO has a sayso about the situation for the many seafarers that is stuck onboard ships, or ashore waiting to join ships:

Ben Line Agency update their advice daily.
Here is the latest available status for selected countries:

To make it simpler:

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Not only cruise ships and OSVs are being stacked because on the Pandemic. The airline industry is, if possible, even worse affected. Here is what is happening to planes that not flying:

Now Australian PSC and AMSA is disputing that it is a strike going on on the detained vessels:

Had this happen years ago with a Kiribati crew member. He had an Australian visa as ships crew but was unable to fly from Cebu to Brisbane, spend two hours in the transit lounge before a flight to Nandi in Fiji. We sent him to HongKong, Auckland then Nandi.

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Lessons learned from the F/V American Dynasty:

Scientists who have been monitoring immune responses to the virus are now starting to see encouraging signs of strong, lasting immunity, even in people who developed only mild symptoms of Covid-19, a flurry of new studies suggests.

Whatever it takes I wish the USA would get its shit together so US citizens could travel to other countries. I understand why many nations won’t allow US Citizens to enter and can’t say I blame them a lot.


Frank Coles of Wallem Shipmanagement doesn’t mince his words here:

Will this ever be solved?
Crew change is still a major problem for world shipping and seafarers:

I hadn’t considered the cost of hiring American Security to man the gangway where the crew had expired visas because they had been unable to be relieved at the end of their contract.
From memory I think 3 guards were required for each of three shifts and it was a very expensive exercise.
For me it occurred when a crew member was issued a new passport that had his date of birth wrong in both the passport and his visa. He never noticed it?

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