COVID-19 Mental Health Study

Hey everybody,

Me and my study partner, Mathies Bjerregaard Thuesen are currently in the process of collecting data for our bachelor’s project as master mariners.
The topic we are researching relates to the coronavirus epidemic (and difficulties following), and if the difficulties have had an effect on the crew’s level of stress and motivation. We would also like to look if the leaders that are onboard have been doing anything different during these trying times as we believe leaders have great influence in shaping the working climate onboard.
We have created a very short questionnaire (approx 5 minutes to complete), that we would greatly appreciate if you would take the time to answer for us as we believe the topic is extremely relevant today and an important one to explore.

If you have been affected by the epidemic we would love to hear about your experiences in our questionnaire, we hope you’ll consider taking the time to do so

Here is the link to the survey:

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This didn’t get much attention earlier, but it is a subject that deserve some reflection in these Covid times.
Here is just such a refection:

Available to Seafarers of all nationalities for free: