Could ferrys be unlimited time?

In my quest for unlimited time to upgrade to the 2nd mate, I was wondering if a ferry would be a good way to get unlimited time. I live on cape cod and there is a ferry that is well above 1600tons that goes back and fourth to Marthas vineyard called the island home. I am sure there is some reg against it but I was just checking with the all knowing board!

It is unlimited time, and if you already hold 3/M Oceans it will (I think) count toward your 2/M. Anything over 1600 GRT is unlimited tonnage. Coincidentally, Washington State Ferries is going to build a couple of the Island Home designs.

Check carefully, I seem to racall there’s something about inland waters not counting for certain seatime requirements. All of Puget Sound is inland, so is Buzzards Bay. Check it out…

Are you asking if you can get sea time as a passenger on the ferry?

I’m thinking you’d need to be a paid employee [I]and[/I] wheelhouse [I]watch-stander[/I] for any time to count. I believe Mr. Cavo has already stated in a previous post that just riding isn’t going to cut it. (I believe the term “supernumerary” applies)

I wonder if my wife and kids can get credited sea time for watching Deadliest Catch? If so maybe they would quit whining about the marathon episodes.

Seriously it is possible to get required trips for pilotage by observing in the wheel house but that’s a different situation. In this case I assume he plans to work there?

You don’t by any chance already hold Master 1600 Oceans or Near Coastal do you?

I have more then enough time to get my 1600 ton master but would rather kill 2 birds with one stone.

LOL… I am just looking into another possablilty of getting sea time as I don’t need that many days. At some point I will go down to the steamship authority in Marthas vineyard and ask a couple questions. I have stated to many people that I am willing to work in slave like conditions for seatime towards an upgrade!

Why don’t you go get your 1600 ton, then Master AGT Inland, then 2/M? You won’t need any more sea time if you do it that way.

I had absolutely no idea you could do it like that…

gCaptain comes through again!

[QUOTE=dougpine;21579]Why don’t you go get your 1600 ton, then Master AGT Inland, then 2/M? You won’t need any more sea time if you do it that way.[/QUOTE]

Geez…where were you and gCaptain 10 years ago. I had no idea either. I gave up a Masters job (tug) to go back as AB to get my unlimited time. I sure could have saved myself some time.

I am going the other way, Inland Master> Second Mate Oceans > 1600t Master. Just awaiting my approval letter.