Path to Unlimited

Hey folks…

I’m looking for some input on ways to get unlimited sea time.

I have a 1600 oc mates But would like to ride the MM&P union hall way of life but need a year of unlimited sea time


Ask Jeaux Bawss if you can ride a mud boat for a year, gratis…then you can have your unlimited Masters…

Actually you may have to pay Jeaux to let you work at this point.


Find a vessel only rated with GT tonnage and sail as mate? i.e. utilize the 3000gt on your ticket somehow?

Sail as an AB on a ship?

FYI MM & P has an inland group that includes tugs and ferries. Here’s the link to the companies that are part of the “United Inland Group”

If you check the USCG Website checklist tab:

You will find the 3rd Mate Unlimited OC or NC checklist as well as many others. Go ahead and click on that and you will find on that list “Recency” and a CFR Referenced for the requirement of appropriate tonnage is required. (CFR 46 11.407) Also, below that the requirement of how much of the 1080 days of sea-time is required in what positions. Here is the link to the checklist.

Spend some time reviewing this and it should answer all of your questions. I’m already seeing a few answers that are incorrect from the gentlemen above. Above all else, doesn’t hurt to call the USCG and talk to them and ask them to explain it. But most of them will just read of the checklist or CFRs to you.

3rd Mate Unlimited OC or NC Checklist:

Good luck

The first thing you should do is apply for 3rd Mate. Since you have taken the same exam for Mate 1600, you may not need to take a new exam. You will receive a tonnage restriction on your license, perhaps only 2000 GRT / 4000 GT, but at least you’ll have the Third Mate license in hand. It may take six months for NMC to process your application.

Then you can work on getting seatime to remove the tonnage limit.

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Wow, way to come off as a condescending prick. Also, it has nothing to do with the question asked.

Like what?

This is most likely your best option.

Not sure why you feel I was being condescending… I was offering help by giving detailed instructions with links on how to get his license. Whats the problem?

Basically said the same thing here @Capt_Phoenix… did you get offended when I said “a few answers that are incorrect from the gentlemen above”? Don’t be so sensitive.

  1. he already has a high level license so until proven otherwise it’s safe to assume he knows what the checklists are and even (gasp!) how to read the CFRs himself.

  2. he didn’t ask how to get a 3rd mate license, he asked for recommendations on HOW TO GET TIME ON TONNAGE necessary to upgrade from 1,600 tons to 3rd Mate Unlimited… Learn to read before trying to help people.


I think most of us can read between the lines on this one buddy. If he reads that, he can figure it out from there. As you have stated, he does know how to read CFRs. Which I also assumed.

Probably not, enlighten us.

The checklists give advice on what companies run unlimited tonnage boats? Wow, they must have been updated since the last time I looked at them.