Unlimited sea time

Does working on harbor tugs go toward unlimited sea time?

Yes, but you need a certain amount of time on an unlimited vessel as well. For instance if you want a 3rd mate unlimited you need 540 of your days to be on an unlimited vessel.

You are required 1080 ( 8 hr ) sea days to qualify for third mate of any gross tons, all of which must be from vessels of over 200 gross tons with at least 540 ( 8 hr ) days being served on vessels of over 1600 gross tons. At least 180 ( 8 hr) days of the required sea service you must hold a certificate of Able Seaman. I am not certain but I think that it must be an AB unlimited or an AB limited certificate.
So, if your tug is over 200 gross tons it will count towards an unlimited tonnage endorsement

I will have third mates in march via maritime academy just wanted to upgrade to 2nds 1600, an someone said harbor tugs wouldn’t qualify. I appreciate the info

You won’t be able to upgrade to a full 2nd. It will be a 2nd limited. Plus, I think all time for unlimited ocean must be on ocean vessels.

[QUOTE=CroakerSoaker;61587]Does working on harbor tugs go toward unlimited sea time?[/QUOTE]

Possibly. All of your time has to be over 200 GRT. If at least half is not over 1600 GRT, you would get a tonnage restriction. The requirement for all time to be over 200 GRT might be a problem as many tugs are, by design, just under 200 GRT.

Can one upgrade an unlimited ocean license with inland sea time?

Maybe ferry captains, like here in Washington state? I would think sailing mate on the Ferry here in WA you could go from 3rd to 2nd mate and keep your oceans endorsement.

It friends on if the ferry ever hours outside the demarcation line. If not you would only need an unlimited inland to run it. The CFRs specifically say the time needs to be on oceans, I am curious if it is enforced.

[QUOTE=Capt. Schmitt;61633]Can one upgrade an unlimited ocean license with inland sea time?[/QUOTE]

Currently, no. The regulations specifying the service requirements for unlimited licenses each specify the time has to be on ocean vessels. In our pending Suplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (SNPRM) we proposed to accept Inland time for up to 50% of the service for oceans licenses.