Container Weight Verification and other

The problem with wrongly declared or mishandled containers is a problem that is in search of a solution:

As is the problem with inaccurate declared weight, despite the new VGM rules by IMO:

But who cares, it is only seafarers from “3rd world countries” that dies when these ships burn, or capsize.

And once again, your final quip, which you seem so compulsively drawn to make every time, ruins what would have been something I could agree on.

Again, this is a forum of marine professionals. There is no need to “poke the bear” the way you do. Plenty of us here that agree these scumbags who misdeclare weights and commodities need to be taken out back and shot. That has nothing to do with third world villagers.


In the early days of container shipping we tried to load a 40’ container off a railway wagon with ship’s gear in Houston. The brand new crane, SWL 45 tonne, wouldn’t so the container was rejected. The container was loaded with zinc ingots and weighed 80 tonnes.
In New Orleans we loaded 4 containers with rolled tin plate steel. Each roll 5 tonne, 4 to a 20’ container on a subsequent trip. After a Pacific crossing the entire contents of two of the containers had gone over the wall and some of the rolls had unrolled like streamers . It took a couple of days at a lay by berth to sort out the scrap.

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From Fairplay today: