Debunking Dr.Sal video clips

Quote : I am a former merchant mariner …and …I do a thorough research of the presented video content" End quote

Partial transcript of the video : Port of Baltimore Update April 7, 2024 | Ship Scrapping Nearly Halts

2:37 unstable some of the stacks have fallen
2:40 over containers . Up on the bow of the
2:42 ship are typically light or empties and
2:45 also hazardous material and the reason
2:47 you put hazardous material up on the bow
2:49 is is very easy. You want it so you don’t
2:51 want it below Deck where if there is a
2:53 spill or an issue or a fire it could
2:56 basically endanger the entire ship you
2:58 don’t want it aft on the vessel because
3:00 that’s where your Machinery spaces are
3:02 so you don’t want to endanger that. You
3:04 don’t want it in the middle of the
3:05 vessel where you’d have to fight fire
3:07 from both sides , so you want it isolated
3:09 up on the bow of the vessel . This Is Not
3:11 Unusual at all and it’s one of the
3:13 reasons why you saw the yellow
3:15 containment boom that was around the vessel

It is sad.

Where is Dr.Sal getting such information from ??? - I do not know


Comments regarding the material presented below are not necessary as it is selfexplanatory.

Item 1

Document of Compliance

Every ship authorized to carry dangerous goods is issued with Document of compliance under the provisions of regulation II 2/19 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention. [MSC.1/Circ.1266 of 2008] Document of compliance authorizes which class of dangerous goods are permitted in under deck spaces and on deck spaces, authorization is for packaged dangerous goods, packaged and bulk goods and NOT ALLOWED as below.

“X” indicates- NOT ALLOWED.

1 a) See a sample document of compliance below. (Not allowed is indicated with “-“

Sample filled can be found here:

1 b) Sample blanco can be found here:
MGN_36.pdf (563.5 KB)

1 c) MSC.1/Circ.1266 of 2008 can be accessed via google

Item 2


Safety-Considerations-for-Ship-Operators-Related-to-Risk-Based-Stowage CINS (the Cargo Incident Notification System) are here:

Safety-Considerations-for-Ship-Operators-Related-to-Risk-Based-Stowage CINS (the Cargo Incident Notification System).pdf (283.1 KB)

Item 3

On time chartered vessels there are certain provisions mutually agreed between clients and contained in CP. CL .
In case of NYPE CP it is CL no 29 Dangerous cargo


What information? About where the hazmat containers are placed?

I’ve never sailed on a box boat but his explanation seems plausible. If they leak or go boom I would think access to that area would be beneficial.

I can see that.

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So go start your own YouTube channel and debunk him there instead of writing incomprehensible transcripts of a video most of us haven’t watched.


Yours noted and your advise is highly appreciated and I will consider following it asap.

Meantime i am getting suspicious , that nothing contained there in is comprihensible .

If that is the case You may ignore my post completely or if it offends You You may flag it and read some old Penthouse issue. But thank You for allowing me to identify another six hostiles.

I strongly recommend watching the video, as apart from what I have selected the rest is very good .

Pls note also that I am strictly following the advise and suggestion of one of the moderators .

“Identify another 4 hostiles” WTF are you talking about?

Oh he’s just editing his post every time somebody likes my comment. Totally normal behavior.

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U see . We understand each other well and i have good past experience with “we crowd” . Cheers

Ps . 7 :wink: , that means my experiment is going well.
care to figure out what else i am measuring ???

The topic of the thread is clear.Is it not. ???

So focus pls on the topic and if You have nothing to say just ignore it or flag it . Impress me with your in depth knowledge but not with ignorance.

Hi Spowiednick - love this! At times, laugh out loud on some of your replies. Thanks.

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I am not here to impress or amuse . I have come to this community in peace and to learn from others , to understand their experience as my world and the world of J.A.bubble are seperated by parsecs which is still inadequate measure.

I feel sometimes like I am talking to alliens from a galaxy far away. But i am able to put myself in theirr shoes and figure that probably the members of this community feel the same about me.

I am a very friendly , cheerfull fella and folks like me when they meet me but hate me when they read me .
What can I do ? :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Write better?? Maybe don’t come across as a dick in your replies.



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Time for closure KPChief as it is obvious the main topic will gain no traction . But You are the boss here so You decide . Cheers.

No one here is under any obligation to impress you. I don’t think it’s anyone’s aspiration either.

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We are under obligation to stay on course , meaning we stay on topic .

I am not interested in Your impressions or interpretation/opinions what I said answering to your friends here and with one exception all comments are off topic.

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We are, your comments opened it up to rebuttal.

In any case, your original intention was to call out Professor Sal for inaccuracies in his vlogs. I can take his inaccuracies where I spot them because I know better, however largely he is accurate and consistent in the presentation of his material. Perhaps you disagree? Then go start your own vlog and spread the awareness of maritime world to the general public. Ultimately he is a history professor with a specialization in the maritime industry, he is not a Port Engineer with decades of technical experience, he is not an NTSB Accident investigator with numerous cases under his belt, he is not a captain, or an expert in marine finance, and so on. He’s doing a decent job educating the public on maritime topics though.


Careful or you’re going to be Hostile #6.


First let me say this . I liked your comment very much and I need a little bit more time to gather my thoughts to answer.

Trust You will be so kind to give me such time and I herewith ask the Moderators to cancell my request for closure as it gets interesting.

Before I do that however, I need to make sure if yours was a “rebuttal” .

a) Was it a rebuttal to my origninal post ??

b) Was it a rebuttal to my replies to gung-ho ,snarky call outs of some members of the “we crowd” ??

I am inclined to think I am dealing with item b)

If so , pls be so kind to point out items, which will justify Your rebuttal and/or validate it.

Regarding item a) : what is it in my original post that You are rebutting???

Be so kind to invest your precious time to analyse it yet again what does it contain. I may be wrong of course but it seems to me it contains :

a) Dr.Sal quote from several of his video clips
b) name of the source material
c) partial extract of Dr.Sal presentattion( auto transcript)
d) Legit and valid question :

e) Item 1

Items 1a), 1b), 1c) representing standard, common industry knowledge and /or advise and/or practice searchable via google and available for the wide public if interested in the topic.
Rem: i have forgotten to add IMDG code

f) item 2)

that also pops up in google search with " hazmat cargo on ships , IMDG cargo stowage on containers ships " and similar phrazes introduced in search engine.
It is also downloadable.

g) Item 3)

This item indeed requires some insider knowledge of the topic in question known to masters of time charetred container ships, chartering brokers and/or maritime lawyers and operators of time chartered vessels, although sample can be downlodable from the web. I have included it to sort of show my colors and warn the potential interlocutors , they are not dealing with a spring chicken and/or rookie.

Having said that , would you be so kind to indicate where is my OPINION and /or thesis about Dr.Sal presentation which You want to confront in your rebuttal as i see NONE. I may be wrong of course and not see what You can see. Then show it.

Your ASSUMPTION is noted . let me ask You a simple question . What method are You using when presenting your argumentation , hypothesis and or thesis??

Is it:
a) induction??
b) deduction

as I can detect none here .

Summarising pls consider my answer here as a prelude to our further i hope interesting deliberations and allow me to finish this part with my favourite motto:

When you look at something long enough , there is always something to be seen


Well, it’s a lot to digest and I’ll get to that, but if you believe I was assuming too much, then what was your intent? The thread title is literally “Debunking…” as if you were some crackpot conspiracy theorist. If that’s an unfair characterization, my apologies. How would you characterize it?