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I just got my STCW, TWIC, and MMC for OS and I want to work on a cargo ship. I am applying for jobs all over the country, but Baltimore is my closest major port. I was wondering if anyone knew of good cargo companies that have offices in Baltimore I can visit. I'm planning on trying the Mediterranean Shipping Company offices, but I'm having trouble finding other companies to apply with. If anyone has any recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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I can also tell you did not search the forums for Cargo ship jobs.

I think you’ll have a hard time getting hired at Mediterranean Shipping Company as a US sailor.

Join the SUP in San Francisco

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Go ask Omar, he may be able to help.

Omar is the head dude and owner of my favorite Mexican outfit in my area. Killer chiles rellenos. A no shit story. I think this is one is either fake or just stupid.

Late 70s, applying for my first Z Card at the Customs House on N. Gay St. in Baltimore, letter of intent to hire me (required by USCG to issue) in hand, I was told a certificate of competence in lifeboats was required. What???
With no firm idea of what to do I drove to the marine terminal in Dundalk. Lying pierside was a banana boat, wish I remembered her name! I explained to the gate guard what I needed and was told the Chief Mate would be returning soon.
The Mate took me aboard, upon explaining my plight to the Master, the USCG form was signed and stamped with the ship’s seal.
I could have gone down the gangway right then but stayed to observe a lifeboat drill (a boat lowered halfway and then re-set in its cradle), was invited for lunch, said my good-byes and left.
Thank you, Capt. Bodden.


I know Dundalk piers and the facility at Gay Street well. Tested there many times. USCG was not quite pricks but very close to it., They were tough. Capt Bodden gave you a good shot. A few Captains back then gave some young kids a shot. Good for you sir you went to the right vessel. An old guy salute to him.

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The vast majority of ships I see going in and out of Baltimore are not USA flagged, so unless you want to work on a tug or the harbor water taxi boats I am not sure Baltimore would be the best place to go for a job.

Thats an awesome story. Great to hear tales like this of folks helping eachother out.


Thanks for your help. Do you know where I might have better luck?

Not really, but if I had to make a guess about what is closest to here it would be Norfolk. I also think it is likely a n00b can’t be picky and wherever the more knowledgeable members of this forum say is best is where you should go. If you are on a freighter, does it really matter where it leaves from? You’re on the ship out in the ocean, not hanging around the port like the old days.