Sealift Inc

Just got a lead in a position with Sealift. (not MSC) and was wondering if anyone had some insight about the company and working in their ships. I searched the threads and didn’t see any information on the subject so I’m starting a new thread. Any information would be appreciated.

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Sealift Inc. is a privately held company, incorporated in New York, established in 1975. Originally Sealift was a shipbrokerage house specializing in paper, rice, general cargo and operating breakbulk liner services to the Mediterranean and from Brazil. Today, the Company operates a fleet of U.S. Flag, ocean-going ships; most of these vessels operate in our U.S. Flag Liner Service to world wide destinations. We are one of the largest ocean transportation contractors for U.S. Government Food Aid cargoes. All operations, chartering, engineering, crewing, IT and accounting are handled by the Oyster Bay, New York office.

You could do worse. Their ships are all over the place and some are on interesting runs but many on PrePo duty as well. Kind of interesting ships as well.

AMO contract and not a very good one. Can’t remember the number of days vacation, 5 for 30 maybe?..not much O/T, no weekends or holidays. But a job is a job.

I did a hitch for them as AB in 1996/7 on the m/v Noble Star, a double tween decker with sticks.We hauled govt. rice to Africa, Poland, etc. The pay was shit but the experience was fantastic The port stays were awesome. The caliber of seamanship exhibited by the deck crew cannot be found anymore. If you can get on a general cargo ship grab it, pay is a little lower but if you really want be be a true sailor that is the way to go,


My friend Jack Beard was a AB on the Noble Star about that time . I came down in Houston to pick him up ,he showed me around,didnt it have a small salt water pool on the bow . Dont know where Jack is now do you ?

Thanks for taking the time to reply to the post.

I know a couple guys working for them. AMO contract, low pay. One guy was on the Sagamore when it was boarded by pirates. The Master was nearly shot. Interesting runs, but they are 120 day contracts. Screw that.