Container ship aground in Singapore Strait

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Any news on that baby saved by pilots in Southampton??? Would be interesting to read Ausmariner comment/input on that .

MSC boxship “MSC Faith” refloated after running aground in Singapore Strait

03 Feb 2023:

Large ships go up on that all the time, even had one do it when I was sailing on the inside and we watched it all happen, its was empty and it went way up.

Batu Berhanti is at the narrowest part of Singapore Strait and close to the deep draft route:

Maybe Indonesia could claim $$$mln. for damages to corals (or whatever) every time somebody run aground there?

PS> New source of income for the Batam Authorities so they don’t have to go all the way out into the South Chine Sea to look for ships “illegibly anchored” there?

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Its dangerous out there with all those professionals in the straits.
I dont think a yacht has ever come to grief?

Few yacht have a draft deep enough to run aground there, unless they hit the lighthouse itself:
But they MAY managed to hit Batu Berhanti Light buoy:
Although NOT causing this kind of damages:


That’s a relatively difficult section to navigate. Lots of traffic ,ships of different sizes, maneuvering abilities traveling at speeds ranging from full sea speed to dead slow, ships decreasing / increasing speed, joining/leaving the traffic scheme, dropping off / picking up pilots, fishing vessels mixed in.

Its land when the tide goes out

The vessel we watched go up hit it when the tide was out, clear day