Iranian container ship broke in two? Singapore Strait accident UPDATE

Splash 24/7 also reported on this incident:

Both vessels appears to have tried to pass on the south side of Batu Berhanti L/H. The waters between Bt.Berhanti and Pu. Sambu is very shallow and in some parts even break surface at LW.
Looks like the Samudra Sakti 1 hit a high spot:

(Picture from Container News):

This is the narrowest part of Singapore Straits, with strong current and heavy traffic:

Its unusual to see a structure fail in compression. Normally a weld will pull apart before the structure buckles.

Another video; showing of the two vessels aground, with Samudra Sakti 1 close to Bt.Berhanti L/H;

Buoy BB mark the southern side of deep water channel and is some distance from Bt.Berhanti L/H:

Bad day for all involved.

No collision prior to grounding: