Another container ship aground near Batam

It is getting crowed on that rock off Batam where there is already one grounded container ship:

More detailed report:

The VTS would have been calling them…nobody on the bridge syndrome

Yes there were. Nobody sail there without, otherwise there would be a lot more collisions then there are now. (Which is already far too many)

I know you have sailed across Singapore Strait many times in daylight, but have you ever tried it at night?? It is easy to get confused by all the traffic, both Eastbound, Westbound and crossing ships and boats.

Add to that a ship aground at the narrowest part, with a fleet of small vessels around her, some showing lanterns, others not. It is easy to get confused, even with all the latest and best of equipment to aid you.

I don’t know whether VTS gave warning or not and if they did, was it early and clearly enough to where any misconception could be avoided/corrected?

Yes crossed plenty at night which in some situations can be easier, transiting is much easier as for the most part you dont have background lights.
There is way less traffic now so its not like it was 15 - 20 years ago.
But a large radar target not moving ( and its on a charted rock) and you are heading for it…on the internet??

Plenty of background light on both sides last time I was there, both from shore and ships at anchor.

For those who are not familiar with navigating Singapore Strait, here is an official video with good advise for navigators:

This may be more your “cup of tea”?:

Do you see yourself?

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Tina 1 has been refloated:

PS> Has SPO got into the salvage business, or was the AHTS Pacific Wrangler on charted to a salvor?

what I meant was when transiting you are looking up the straight, no lights, sure if you are crossing plenty of land with lights.

Couldnt see myself but the boat I race on was in lots of shots

Which is what the Tina 1 was doing (crossing that is)
As you probably know Singapore Strait is not only the bit from Changi/Tanah Merah to Nongsa.
When you come along the Strait there are also a lot of lights, both ashore and at the anchorages. From experience, it is easy to have navigation lights “disappear” in the multitude of lights.

Sure but the land is on the charts because you cant it yet ships keep hitting that nicely groomed outcrop and or the ships that have already hit it.

In the western Pacific, they install FADs (Fish Attracting Device) around the atolls with their steep slopes; barely a small float in rather deep waters, with a thin anchor rope holding it in place. Small fish turn around the rope; larger predatory ones, in layers, turn around the inner fish… and the searched ones may eventually be caught.

Did they install a VAD (Vessel Attracting…) on this Batam rock?


no its your typical floating rock, just pops up when you least expect it. Seen quite a few ships parked on it over the years

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