Ship aground ten years ago

Trying to find that report from Singapore 10 or so years ago where a huge container ship (Maersk )left and went via Horsburgh and altered for China too early grounded on Eastern Bank I think, oops
Singapore VTS did everything they could, fax vhf hf etc but clearly nobody on the bridge and it just steamed up onto a sandbar…

Are you referring to this incident?:

Maersk Kendal Report No 2/2010 - GOV.UK › media
She did not “left and went via Horsburgh and kept going on the same course”
She was on the way from Leam Chabang and heading for Tg. Pelapas.
This is where she run aground and it was not on as sandbar:

No ship pass through Singapore Strait with “nobody on the bridge”.
Where do you get that idea from?? (A Buddy told you?)

No not that one
The ship left Singapore, the report was even in the newspaper, clearly nobody on the bridge after the reporting point. VTS said they tried every tool they had to contact the vessel but silence…

There have been a lot of accidents in the Singapore Strait and the eastern approaches, but cannot remember any accident that remotely resemble the one you describe, other than the Maersk Kendal in 2009.

PS> If they had passed Horsburgh they would be outside VTS coverage area.

sure but the VTS could see the accident unfolding so tried to call…
The newsworthy issue was they couldnt raise the vessel.
Never found out why, I guess I will have to ask my buddy in Maersk.