Container Fires

So now the Sri Lankan police has arrested the MS X-Press Pearl ship’s agent for having deleted e-mails correspondence about the incident. I thought it was all the fault of the Russian Master.

Now for the wreck removal:

That is not likely to start before the SW monsoon ease sometime in Aug/Sept.

Jebel Ali port rocked by containership explosion - Splash247

The Nitric Acid was to be unloaded to a customer in Colombo but the the ship was anchored off due to congestion…
Nobody seems to have asked for emergency docking, oh well…

Another container fire avoided by quick action by Sri Lanka Ports Authority:

l this make any difference??
CTU Code Quick Guide now available in all six official IMO languages:,c3404110s

Could this have something to do with wrongly declared, or badly packaged hazardous material and repeated container fires??:

I don’t know if FMC is interested in advice from professional organizations like ICHCA and/or IVODGA:

Shipping guys tell me its charcoal shipments both legal and illegal ones that catch fire the most.

The “SA AMANDLA” tows the MSC container vessel “MSC KATRINA” into Durban in heavy rain. Well done to Capt Kariem Ebrahim and his team for a difficult tow voyage safely and professionally accomplished Photo : Travis McDonald of OSC ©

SA Amandla is the ex John Ross, blt. 1976- Once among the most powerful ocean tugs in the world: