Container Fires

has a ship ever sunk or caught fire without it being fraud?

When they found the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald it turned out it was just loaded with like rocks! Got to be some kind of fraud afoot.


Hard enough to keep a secret between two people, let alone a whole crew and shoreside as well. Just don’t see fraud by the crew or it’s officers. Heiwa, that one just doesn’t flush. I am troubled that they knew they had a BIG problem and as hard as the master tried, could not find any remedy. Some ports said they couldn’t handle it. A very nice ship was lost, the jobs and cargo with it. Feel bad for the crew and officers that tried to get some sort of help with this problem. Shame on the ports that turned them away.

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Ever heard of the MSC Gayane?

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Or the tanker Salem?

We heard about both vessels. Why,? Because at the end of the day, there are no secrets among thieves. Now how did you fellows hear about it? From a “Secret”?

In the article it says the public wants their consumer goods, and it’s true. But I don’t need giant vats of acid.

Right. Who needs more than a bathtub full of acid?

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We once had a container leaking lye on deck. We ended up rigging a fire hose to constantly dilute it and flush it over the side until we reached port. It did a number on the paint around the affected area. Upon discharge and opening we saw the box was full of Easy-Off oven cleaner.

it was going to a refinery to make the raw materials to make windmill blades, that will be thrown away in a few years

In the news again today:

No rats here you think? No secret is safe when your “Shared secret” is someone elses ass is on the line when they get caught as opposed to the other “Secret Sharer”. Will sell you out in a heartbeat. The prisons are full of “Shared but compromised Secrets” Too easy to make money legally than otherwise.

Some pictures of the X-Press Pearl after the fire:

PS> Notice that the Free fall lifeboat is gone. Did the crew use it, or did it burn up?

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Add some grease and you have soap…

40 million sounds cheap. Take it.

Poor Master. He reported cargo problems a month earlier and visited two ports before Colombo. Nothing was done. And then there was an explosion aboard at Colombo, the ship caught fire and is now a CTL resting on the sea floor polluting the Sri Lanka west coast. And the only offence commited by anyone is the one by a Russian Master.

I’m afraid I don’t have that much in loose change at the moment.
But maybe Heiwa or Powerabout can bring your advice to their friends at X-Press Feeders (??)

sure just wait a bit…

SW Monsoon makes for difficult conditions at wreck site:

PS> The SW Monsoon blows from late May/early June - late Aug./early Sept. on the SW coast of Sri Lanka.

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