Does anyone have a connection, or know anyone who might know anyone who has a connection, for a job for a 3rd Mate on the San Francisco Ferries? Thanks


Hornblower recently took over the Alcatraz ferry gig from MM&P crewed Blue and Gold. Hornblower is always advertising jobs (bad omen?), here is their job page:

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Capt. Lee,

I must be a retard too. I don’t understand your response. To clarify my message. Simply, does anyone have a word of advice or a name to contact for the San Francisco Ferries regarding a position for a 3rd Mate.


Hope the above info clarifies things for you. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your info.



I had made a comment about Alcatraz. A really dumb one, but I think I was able to edit it before too many people saw it, but it still made me feel like a big dumby. Nothing towards you, just laughing at my own ignorance. Maybe I should be crying instead. So without actually saying what I said, I will leave it at that and Happy Hunting!

Capt. Lee,


I saw it before it was edited. I think Leeroy thought Alcatraz was in New York. I Know…terrible. Maybe he didn’t get one of those geography puzzles with all of the states and capitols when he was in 1st grade. It is amazing with only a stick to play with, Leeroy became a good captain later in life, well after 1st grade.

Lee got one of those puzzles just like every other kid in America. Maybe he just spent his time doing “more important” things…

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Does anyone know anything about MSRC (Marin Spill Response Corporation). They’ve had several job posts at

Thanks Teresa

I havn’t heard anything lately, but several that I sail with have worked for them. Some were doing relief work on their time off. They all said it was a boring job run by ex-coasties. On the plus side, they were home every night. I think they’re still under SIU contract. injunear


Thanks for the info.

Capt. Lee, it sounds like you are as familiar with geography as most of the captains that I used to sail with (I would put a “winky” emoticon here, but I don’t like to use them, no, a couple of extra lines of text is FAR more efficient).

teresa, I haven’t worked for MSRC, but I dealt with them quite a bit when I was a Class Surveyor and they were getting geared up. For the most part, the vessels stay in port, on standby, waiting for a spill, or participate in spill drills. During Hurricane Katrina, some of their vessels were mobilized for spill response and were also used in support of onshore/nearshore repairs (offices, quarters, galleys, etc).


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Thanks for the info.

FYI Captain Lee…Armored trucks don’t have icecream. Try direct deposit.

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This one might interest you…

Career Services Jobshopper

<!-- Body Contents Go Here -->
<strong>Job Title:</strong> 2nd Mate (3/M License), R/V WECOMA

<strong>Job Location:</strong> Newport, OR

<strong>Job Description:</strong> Oregon State University’s Ship Operations department is seeking a Second Mate for the oceanographic research vessel WECOMA.

Dates: 20 October 2007 - Open. (This is a temporary position at present; permanent hire is possible.)

Position: 2nd Mate (a 3/M Unlimited Oceans license is sufficient).
WECOMA is a 185-foot, 289 GRT, 3000 HP Diesel with CPP and bow
thruster. Deckside consists of Captain, C/M and 2/M, Bosn and 3 ABs.
Watch rotation is 4 on, 8 off, with some daywork. The vessel will be
operating off the West Coast and in the Columbia River, with returns to
Newport. Work schedule while in homeport is 40 hours per week.

Pay: Less than a workboat Captains bi-weekly salary but more than Lee makes off his road show.