Constitutional Collision Course

Very interesting.

I recall a rival Pilot organization in Tampa back in the 80s, complete with a rogue tugboat company (Taurus, I think) that didn’t last very long.

There was plenty of domestic shipping. Eventually most of the Federal pilots were merged into the Tampa Bay pilots. I’m not sure of the full story of how the merger took place.
I remember in the late '90s there was an effort to form federal pilot assns in Galveston and Savannah. Also, the federal pilots on the Mississippi River stay quite busy.

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IIRC I had a federal pilot on the Savannah River just a few years back, like 2006 or 07. Guy came out in a little skiff. Never seen that before in the U.S.

They aren’t paid very well though.

I wonder what ever became of the NW Gulf Federal Pilots that were advertising a few years ago? They were advertising pilotage for Gal/Tex and Lake Charles. Their website appears defunct. Guess this is another group of guys?

Yeah, they qualify for food stamps as far as pilots! A couple of guys I sailed with are Fed pilots. They don’t seem to have missed too many meals.


I’m not sure what the national average is but they make under $100,000 (by quite a bit if memory serves) and that’s VERY low by state pilot standards. I wouldn’t believe you if you claimed ANY state pilots make that little, I don’t know about other federal pilots though.

I’m referring specifically to the Associated Federal Pilots and Docking Masters of Louisiana, LLC. Just in case we’re talking about different organizations.

Last I heard they paid trainees like $60,000 (which is a lot for a trainee) then after that it went up a bit, but not much.

Maybe I was never quoted “full partner” pay…

NOBRA Pilots making bank too.

They’re state pilots. I also hear it’s very hard for a non local to get into those organizations.

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