Considering moving to the caribbean

I have heard about small boats that work in the Caribbean, delivering stuff from island to island and I am considering making the move. Does anyone know anything about these companies? I could find NOTHING on an Internet search. Any information or experience would be greatly appreciated. I have a 200 ton master and would be interested.

I lived in St. John, Virgin Islands for about 8 years back in the 90s. Most of the inter island freight boats down there are small family run operations. You could try this company…

They run around the VI and PR.
Crowley has a big presence in VI and PR as well.

Also try San Juan towing.

Thanks for the lead!! How did you like living down there. I live in Florida now on the beach and I just imagine it being like that, just a little better and more expensive haha

It was beautiful down there. Very laid back and remote. Very different from life in the states. I sometimes wonder why I ever left… Also plenty if ferry boats down there. Probably not the best pay but it would pay the rent for your shack…

There is contact info for several ferry companies in the VI on this link. Good luck.

Thank you very much for the info!!! I tried to email the Blackhawk company but it kept telling me the email was invalid.

I will give them a call! Thanks again!!