Work on Kwajalien? I found a job at last

After a long time being out of work, I found work on Kwajalien. Like all things there are Pros/Cons but the strong factors are, No Federal tax, free food and housing so you save what you earn and not give half to the goverment. They always need engineers, and others in the marine field, as well as many other areas. Keep checking web site as it changes with there needs.
Good luck to all, I will post an update once on the ground for awhile, and you can PM me for more info if you need it.

Congrats! I have seen a few job postings out there and seriously considered putting in a app. The lack of a rotation and too much dock time was a dealbreaker for me though. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the operation though. Good luck out there and be safe…

Bring sunscreen.

Your right, a rotation would be nice, but in thease tough times you have to make decisions you would not normaly make. One never knows whats on the other side of the door unless you open it and take a chance.

Congrats Frank…

I lived and worked out there for almost two years. Very cool place with cool people. Bring your dive gear. Low money and tax lite there is a 5% Marshall Islands tax you pay. Have a good time out there

Thank you for taking time to write, I can handel 5% tax, but no longer want to work in the US with 30-40% of your money is lost. I will post a blog for everyone to read and learn about Kwaj when I can. Would like to hear more about you time there. Please send a P.M when you can.

Congrats Nooner.

Good one dude…keep doing nice work

Congrats on job. If it is anything like deigo garcia - no thanks. It can be either paradise or hell. Some love it, some hate the island life.