Does anyone know if there are US companies with US flagged vessels that service the Caribbean…? I’ve looked all over the web and all I can come up with is foreign flag vessels…

Sea Star Line is one of them.

Crowley is the biggest US operator. I worked that area for years with Otto Candies, but all of their grain runs were contracted out to then “Gulf Coast Transit”…now “TECO”. I’m not sure of those contracts still exist.

Candies ,is one of my targets…Any inside tips on how to get their attention…?.I’ll be starting out as an AB…Thanks…

And TECO is now United Ocean Services

Crowley had some ships running south but I believe they’re foreign flag now. Several east coast tug companies run bulk, petro and ro/ro barges mainly to Puerto Rico and Dominican Rep. Crowley, Moran, McAllister, Hornbeck ect… I have friends that work for these companies and from what I can gather, there ain’t a nickles worth of difference.

Crowley makes a run to San Juan, PR.

San Juan huh? Rum Running? Every sailors dream…lol…

I’m not sure about their current status of hiring, but if you walk in and talk to Grady, you might get lucky. AB pay is $305 or $310/ day. If I was you, I would walk in, fill out an application and offer to ride as an OS just to get your foot in the door. (Chances are, they will hire you as an AB anyway) That will usually work. Most will boogie down the road before making such an offer.


Thank you…That’s exactly what I will do…