Sea Hours in Tampa

Hello everyone! I just got my passport and TWIC with my MMC en route. I’ll be taking my basic safety training in St. Petersburg soon and I’m looking to get hours at sea to credit towards an AB. I’ll be working 55 hours a week at my day job (Amazon) through the holidays unless I can find something more lucrative to make ends meet. Since I’m new to the industry I was curious to whether or not there is some kind of day work I can do Thursdays and Fridays, even voluntary, that could help me get my hours. I poked around online for a couple days looking for specific information and I haven’t found the big bulletin board of entry level openings. Even with the state of Puerto Rico after the hurricane I thought I’d see flyer’s and ad’s all over the place looking for help. Is this a realistic endeavor or should I be trying something else? I don’t mind pounding the pavement and from what I’ve read it’s the best approach but I don’t know where/how to begin and I really don’t want to be without any source of income.

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There’s very little part time, day work out there. Look for dinner/ party boats. There’s no way you’d be able to be involved with anything regarding PR a few hours a day, two days a week.

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There’s plenty of parasail/tour boats that always need help on the weekends. All along the beaches in the area. Check out johns pass.

The scenery on parasail boats can be quite lovely.


Can you cook? USF was looking for a cook/deckhand for their research boat in St. Pete, maybe they still are.

Check out or something like that… lots of federal jobs… ok pays but federal retirement benefits