Conoco or Crowley Tanker Job

Anyone who’s an AB any thoughts on working for Polar tankers or Crowley …

One is SIU (crowley) the other non-union.

SIU will give you the freedom to sail off the board for multiple companies, on multiple runs, on a wide array of different types of ships. Of these, crowley ships are available. Defined benefit pension and defined contribution money purchase pension plan (MPP).

Polar is non union (they might have a little in-house union, but not one of the major crewing agency unions like SUP and SIU). You will probably get a pretty good MPP contribution and other benefits. I am sure it’s much less laid back than Crowley…definitely cannot imagine jeans and T shirt and no hard hat at sea. JHA for all the jobs and it’s taken very seriously. Probably work a full day on Sunday. I think you have to drink the above-and-beyond safety culture koolaid a little to work at some of those companies, or at least play the game and make it appear that that is the case.


I have definitely not heard that rumor, but that is a bombshell if that was true.

Crowley uses SIU for crewing for their tankers, box boats, government vessels, you name it. SIU inland is also comprised of lots of crowley tugs and ATBs that are all hands SIU from captain down to utility. There is even a Tom Crowley building at Piney Point.

I highly doubt that rumor is true.

Ideally you would get on the Crowley manned tanker Stena Polaris. Great pay. Whered you see the ad for Crowley?

Cool to hear some info on Crowley … yes… a tanker. Wondering overall the pros and cons of each company.