Companies willing to Pay for Training

I’m wondering if anyone has received paid training benefits from any private oil field OSV or offshore drillship companies specifically for OICEW engineering license courses. Aux machinery, diesel engine, Electrical. I’m working on my Third assistant license and I’ve heard some companies have money set aside for training. Currently holding QMED…

Can’t give any input on the companies paying. However, some of the unions might pay to advance upwards and obtain a license.

Best to check with each union to see if they have a program. However, the program may be long and arduous. It may be better to just pay for the classes on your own, get the license as fast as possible, and enjoy the pay increase that will likely pay for all the classes in 1 or 2 trips.

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AMO’s next TECH program class doesn’t class up until September but I think it’s a really good deal if you can wait that long.

Would also agree with this if you have the money to do it.

Any reputable company should pay for training and upgrades as it is to their advantage if they intend to be in business for long. i really do not understand why this an issue. Any company that does not pay for training and upgrades is only interested in gig workers. Uber mariners.
During my career myself and the folks I worked with had our training paid for and received normal pay while taking classes. It was a fair trade. We sacrificed our off time and the employer got a better qualified employee in return. We also felt we owed something back to our employer. Quid pro quo.


Which companies have you worked for in the past?

Pretty much any drilling company will pay for your classes.

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