Path to Unlimited Master

Looking ahead at the cost, classes and exam prep required to upgrade to CM/UMaster what are thoughts on a path that offers paid training/classes. Considering pay vs cost. Union, companies, rigs?

With 3000 and 10,000 ITC /OSV Master requiring the full set of STCW courses, it would seem that there will be an abundance of junior mates that will leave or not advance their license on their own dime. And hawse pipers have an expensive and difficult road as well.

For the oil patch, there are a number of senior licenses that were grandfathered 3/10k ITC that will be retiring with no replacements.

2M/DPO Unlimited

Many drilling companies will pay for all your classes, the big OSV companies will hopefully start paying soon, the unions all have free schools for members.

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This is going to be a real problem in the very near future. Imagine how bad it would be if the COI for these OSV’s required 2 management level personnel? (as in, licensed master in the #1 spot, and licensed master or chief mate in the #2 spot?)


Are you kidding? Then those employees could run off to work anywhere!! /s

Sadly, that seemed to be a big reason why at least one big OSV company’s training center staff pushed their mariners to get OSV limited licenses instead of going for unrestricted ones.

I’m still on “the naughty list” from interrupting a conversation years ago between a mate and the head of the TC when I asked the mate if he really wanted to be stuck in the oilfield for the rest of his career vs “just needing these few things for an OSV endorsement.” Slightly prophetic since that was just a couple months before the crash.

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I asked many that same question and a lot of them thought they were layoff proof. I think at least a few took my advice.

Yes, but with the STCW classes being required even for OSV licenses they’re not going to have a choice other than to pay ridiculous day rates so it’s worth peoples’ time to pay for their own classes and stick around.


The issue being that OSV 3k and 10k require the same STCW classes as Unlimited. Hawse piping for deck is harder and more expensive than ever with the required STCW classes. So lets presume most 3 mates are now academy products. If they have to spend the same time and money to get STCW for 3, 10 or unlimited, they will go unlimited anyway. It’s the pay and benefits that will keep them from jumping. Any company will lose mariners if they pay less. Capitalism!
The current system will fail, so what’s going to happen? Cancel Jones Act or make changes?

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Almost, but not all of them. Advanced Shiphandling isn’t required, and Advanced Meteorology isn’t required if the endorsement will be limited to Near Coastal. See NVIC 03-17.

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