OSV Endorsements

I currently possess a 2nd Mate Unlimited and 1600 Ton Master. All of my sea time has been on OSV’s, and I’ve ran as Master or Mate. I’ve been looking all over the NMC website and CFR’s but I have been struggling to find what my best route would be and what the requirements for me would be to gain a:

OSV Master 3,000 ITC
OSV Chief Mate 10,000 ITC

Did you get Master 3,000 with that?

No. Could I have? I applied for my 2/M and 1600 at the same time and took that crossover exam for the 1600

When did you upgrade?

This past December of 2022

Ahh. You’re probably better off taking the chief mate classes and upgrading that way instead of going OSV restricted. The OSV only route may save a little money on classes but the next time the oilfield crashes and layoffs happen you’ll want a real license.


The courses for the OSV restricted STCW are not OSV specific, they are the same ones for the endorsement without the restriction. To remove the restriction, you only have to take the omitted courses, you don’t need to re-take the courses already taken. So getting the OSC restricted endorsement may be a way to spread out the cost/time, i.e. get the OSV restricted endorsement and take the balance of the courses as time and funds allow. It probably depends on when you think you might need the endorsement without the restriction.

I wasn’t trying to imply they were.

That’s actually pretty cool. It also encourages the OSV companies to provide or pay for most of the chief mate classes.

Are they any testing requirements for the large OSV licenses or are they still a gimme once you already have Master 1,600?

Yes, it’s similar to the 3/M Unlimited Exams. But 6 exams instead and a smaller question bank I believe.