How to get into MAN training courses?

I’m trying to get into some courses offered by MAN ( ) but when I contact them, I’m told that I have to be sponsored by my company. The problem is that the company I work for doesn’t have any engines of the type I want to get training on (ME-C and ME-GI types) and so they’re not going to fork out a bunch of money to send me (which I can understand). I offered to pay my own way to both MAN directly and to my company, but neither is willing to allow that.

Any ideas for a workaround?

Short of trying what you have already not sure what else you can try.

Maybe try reaching out to some of the outside vendors that your company uses, maybe they can help you out.

Ive taken that course and it’s definitly not worth forking out your own money for. I think it was in the 5k range plus loding that my company paid. It was a little informative but it was also a few sales pitches involved.

OSG sent me to the MC course but I’m trying to get the ME/ME-GI courses (cam-less, electronically controlled). All the new Matson and Pasha ships have those engines.

Pretty sure Crowley’s got the the ME-GIs on their new conros. Rumor has it that those are running a lot further behind schedule than anyone is letting on though.

My C/E took the ME course last year and said that it would probably be better to have some experience on the engine prior to taking the class. The class has information in it, but the real benefit is being able to pick the brains of the instructors with questions that may not come up from the presentations. I’ve got about 3 years on the MEs now. Day to day operation isn’t much different, the problem that I run into is that there is so much feedback from the engine in realtime that you’re mostly learning how to sort through the noise. There are certain situations where you need to pay more attention and stay on top of your firing pressures (mostly coming up to sea speed and during fuel changes).

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Can you get union sponsorship? How about a friendly port engineer at Matson or Pasha helping you with sponsorship? What about sponsorship by a friendly vendor, like Golten? Can you set up your own company, Hawsepipe Engineering Services LLC, and have your new company sponsor you?