Maritime Companies that pay for your STCW

I was wondering if there are other Maritime companies that will pay for your STCW for new candidates?
I worked for Military Sealift Command for over 7 years, but now want to go a different route with a better sea rotation.

im currently in San Diego and the maritime industry down here is basically non existent for mariners so really don’t know where to turn…

Didn’t MSC already send you to all you’re training?

they do, i ended up leaving right before i was supposed to renew my STCW. so i let it lapse and now in this current situation. im still trying to learn how the Union side of things work.

It’s common knowledge (and I was given this advice by those who work on vessels contracted to MSC) that you hire on with MSC, get all your training in, quit, and then go work for someone else with a reasonable rotation - there seem to be a lot of jobs through AMO on vessels contracted to MSC. You should be alright - BUT - not with a lapsed STCW endorsement. Rehire on with MSC and get your training in - then quit if you can manage it.

No. In the current depressed maritime employment market, no company is going to pay for STCW courses for a new hire to renew his STCW certificates.

Even when things were booming and companies were struggling to find enough employees, very few companies were sending new hires to STCW training.

The way the companies look at it, a guy who does not have all of his up to date valid certificates in hand is NOT a qualified Mariner, or suitable for hire.

I seen that Edison Chouest Offshore is hiring AB’s, QMED’s & Engineers & they do their STCW training once a month in house.

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Unless he has an active security clearance they can use, HR probably won’t even pass him beyond the application if his STCW and ticket isn’t up to date. There’s no “pool” of new hires to get free training before going to boats.

Okay. A former coworker of mine told me HOS has billboards up looking for all positions, a Harvey guy who was rehired after being laid told me that Harvey was looking for all experienced hands & I thought Chouest was doing the same.

But since you brought it up, perhaps the OP has some type of clearance after working MSC for 7 years? Perhaps he’ll be a shoo-in with ECO?

Left MSC looking for greener grass on the other side. It’s nowhere to be found. Predictable.

i actually didnt leave MSC looking for greener grass. there were other factors involved not mentioned. but thanks for your 2 cents

thanks, yeah that was the plan. but things came up and wasnt able to go that route.

good to know thanks for your imput

Methinks we have found proof that MSC will, on rare occasions, fire employees.


Sounds like something caused problems with a security clearance.

I know several patriotic people who are certainly NOT any sort of security risk, who went through absolute hell with MSC over trivial bullshit.

Oh for sure I’ve seen plenty of people getting fired from MSC. From Unpaid taxes,late on child support or too much debt so they pulled there clearance. It happens every day.

With who’s clearance?

The company I work for helps you keep your stcw current by way of reimbursement… classes only, not travel, lodgings or meals…and this is only after a year of employment. There’s a promissory note too. I feel fortunate to have this perk come later this year when I need to do my refreshers.

Sounds like hornbeck is hiring. Good friend of mine is being courted by them. Coincidentally, he doesn’t have his gap closures. He was laid off a few years ago before the deadline and pursued other interests.
Hornbeck told him when he has his classes to call them back.
Your best bet is to look for places where stcw isn’t a requirement, which may be tough since most companies want it even if it isn’t required.
With the surplus of people I would think its near impossible to find a company that right from the start will pay the classes.

Someone may call me stupid for asking this question, but if there is a surplus of qualified people in the US, why are MSC and USAID contractors still using foreign riding gangs/crews for months at a time when transporting US cargo overseas? Is it just the savings because riding crews work for less wages?

Riding Gangs are generally persons in addition to crew and are not “crew” per se.

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With the grandfathering aspect of upgrading no longer apllicable, I find it should be an incentive for crewmembers. With the courses that are now required for STCW ( post- grandfarhering ) I think for alot of mariners it can be Intimidating or even deter future mariners from wanting to pursue a larger license. This is mainly focused to those who run the hawsepipe. I know the academy folks will not have an issue with this.