Maritime Companies that pay for your STCW

I’ve no idea about inland and the GoM, but, if you want to sail deep sea, and from your post it seems like you’re unlic. then, the answer is NONE.

None of the unions, both on the East and the West coast, pay for STCW for the C cards.

When I was sailing on ATB’s there were some guys sailing as EC with a 3rd AE License. When asked why they didn’t upgrade to a Chief’s License the answer was almost always, “Why should I as it means a bunch of extra classes for STCW”. Granted you could take the needed classes at the Union but that meant a lot of time gone from home.

Unless this was in the past year, those guys had no idea what they were talking about, and missed their chance. Before 2017, there were no courses or assessments for STCW for 1st AE and Chief Engineer.

You do realize classes aren’t free at the academies right?

I know they’re not free. The difference I am speaking of refers to all the endorsements/courses that are earned/given during the term while at academy. If id known what I know now, I’d gladly sit in a school setting for a few years and have all the prerequisites handed to me without all the seatime needed to start from the bottom working my way up.

My point in my previous post was in regards to the gap closures being a deterance to hawsepipers to move above 200GRT on their credentials when working offshore.

Alaska Marine Highway has sent some people to CM/M classes. They are pretty selective though. Mostly folks that have been there for years and will most likely stay there. They are paid to take classes.

Why do you think this applies to hawsepipers only?

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Why wouldn’t it?

Pre-Gap closure requirements were less than they are today as most are aware. Correct me if I’m wrong as I’m unsure of the structure, but wouldn’t an academy grad spend Time in school/at sea and come out with all the requirements for STCW being met in one package?

Only for their initial license, not any upgrades.

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