Companies Bankrolling Politicians LOL

Chouest and Don Young under review by “ethics committee”:


Look Chouest tried to pay this guy to convince the Coast Guard to buy one of their boats

And later on he got fired for “ lavish spending” :joy::joy::joy:

5+ year old articles, neat.


Articles don’t come out until after the fact. We will have to wait for the new articles for what they are currently doing when they get caught/arrested/under ethics review etc.

Damn, have we still not got these Puerto Ricans off our ships yet?


I found one even better that’s pure gold

Don Young was a corrupt old bastard. He died a couple of years ago.

I have no doubt that Don Young was owned by special interests.

Mary Peltola , a Democrat and the first Native Alaskan to serve in Congress was elected to replace Don Young.

Money was given back and Alpha paid $17,000. FEC agreed that it was not a deliberate violation.

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Wait! What!
Companies give money to politicians?


Was your computer in the shop when this news broke in 2016 and 2018? That’s seven and five years ago, respectively.


I see your point. At every step of the way in this sordid business, not a single Puerto Rican was invited to participate. Outrageous.


Looks like “Alpha” aka Chouest only plays by the rules when they are forced to. I can see why they wouldn’t want to promote any women, it’s that taste of disdain of having to follow any laws or have anyone tell them what to do at all, even if their money does come from the tax payers themselves

Did everyone know about it? I wasn’t in the loop. I knew about the maritime incident with their big accident but I have always avoided talking/knowing about politics. That’s why I became an engineer.

And look who he hung out with! Birds of a feather lol

This is old news about bribing a congressman that is now dead. Nothing new to those of us that followed Shell and Chouest in Alaska. It is apparently only important to someone allowing Chouest to live in their head.


I found out that Chouest was attempting to cause problems for me behind the scenes. I heard of them doing that to former employees and individual people even when I worked there.

Additionally you clearly were not sexually harassed three years straight, denied promotion when it was merited and then called a liar about it. I could have been using that three years of my time on another endeavor.

Anyone heard of these people?

The corruption of Duncan Hunter that you cite was front page news. Not sure how you missed it unless it happened when you were too busy marching and protesting the poor treatment of Puerto Rican women.

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Marching and protesting?

Engineering work can be all consuming. You clearly are not an engineer :joy:

Yes I can imagine you sipping your morning coffee reading news in the air conditioning. Enjoy the good life!

I wouldn’t put up with sexual harassment for three years. Denied promotion? Combine the two and I’d be gone in 3 months not years.
Why IF you have a legal discrimination case don’t you file it? Why haven’t you found gainful employment elsewhere and continue to let a small company in Louisiana live in your head?
Seek legal or medical help. gCaptain is not the place for either.


Someone is crazier than the proverbial outhouse mouse.