Colton's Maritime Memos?!

It appears one of my favorite little maritime websites, Maritime Memos, is gone. I really enjoyed Mr. Colton’s insight. Anyone know why he shut her down?

I wonder if he is ill? I sure hope not!

Like you one of my go to sites and one which I will miss greatly!.

Agreed, one of the best Maritime and Shipbuilding sites

I’m also mystified. I’ve been following him for years and he pulled the plug without an explanation.
Thought I was slightly amused at the Monty Python reference he used to declare it…

It says is still active, so unless he handed that off to someone else it appears he’s well

No one has any info yet as to why?

I wish John or someone else from gCaptain would reach out to Mr. Colton and see what his plans are. He would also be a great interview for gCaptain to publish.

Mr. Tim Colton is ~ 75 years old. He retired from active work in 2008. Some may have noticed his postings had become a bit more irregular. As much as I too enjoyed checking his Maritime Memos it would appear he decided to call it quits altogether and enjoy life.

Hard to blame him for that! But where are us young bucks going to continue to get our information? Besides gCaptain of course.