Coast Guard Admiral Criticized Ahead of Hearing on Harassment at Academy

The heads of the two congressional committees holding a joint hearing Wednesday on the Coast Guard’s handling of harassment and bullying complaints are criticizing the head of the service for refusing to testify.

U.S. Rep. Bennie G. Thompson of Mississippi, the Democratic chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, and U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York, the Democratic chairwoman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, wrote to Admiral Karl L. Schultz saying his refusal to testify “continues a troubling trend of impediments to congressional oversight” and “only reinforces our concerns that Coast Guard leadership does not fully appreciate the gravity of what has occurred, and likely continues to occur, within the service.”

Same guy.

Adm. Karl Schultz, the commandant of the Coast Guard, speaks during a commissioning ceremony at Base Honolulu, Aug. 24, 2019. (U.S. Coast Guard photo/Matthew West)

Faulkner joined the Coast Guard intent upon becoming a rescue swimmer, so she knew that she would be called upon to serve in the most extreme rescue situations. What she didn’t anticipate was almost two decades of sexual harassment and assault.

What right do these pompous bastards have to refuse to testify to Congress? They are over adorned servants of the civil government and have no more right to refuse Congress than a seaman recruit has the right to refuse to report to one of them.

That refusal should be adequate grounds for instant dismissal and loss of all benefits.

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I don’t know what’s going on in the Coast Guard but this is a bad look. CG rescue swimmers getting harassed and Adm. Schultz can’t be bothered?

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I think the admiral is just placing himself ahead of the crowd.

Trump Jr. said “[I] like those that have guts, it’s sort of nice. Unfortunately, it’s lacking these days, but it’s okay. When we win, we’ll be able to enforce that a little bit better.”

Look at where the Whitehouse is spending its energy while the nation teeters on a plague induced depression:

Both Stalin and Hitler “gauged” the support of their military and civil servants before purging those they considered more loyal to the nation than to them. Trumps use of the military as props for his photo ops like the bizarre bible pose and the West Point affair are an echo of a history he knows nothing of.


Do you really think Stalin and Hitler are the only leaders that implemented these controls in their governments?

Almost all politicians and leaders are similar, they just wear different coats…

A cursory reading of that statement might suggest you are saying that almost all politicians plot like Hitler and Stalin to purge the ranks of the military, and replace the brass with loyalists. I assume that was not your meaning. Do you have a recent historical example (last twenty years) of what you mean?

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I think that he should show up and bring ADM Mcallister with him as I believe he has some history on this case. At least he would be honoring the congressional request to appear. Politicians when testifying often defer to a staffer who has knowledge of the particular situation.
Also by not showing up it defiantly makes it look like there is something to hide.


When I said, “…implemented these controls in their governments…” I was including ALL branches. I will go further back than 20 years for you.

When Barry came in he purged as many Bush loyalists as he could, as did Billy, Mao, Lenin, DeGaulle, Trudeau, Tricky Dick, Donnie, and many others.

“Purge” does not mean you have to permanently correct them but to clean out and dispose of the opposition once you take over. Show ME one in the last 20 years that has NOT.

Not that unusual, and not surprised at all.

What it does not hide is his contempt for civilian government. That alone is why he should be stripped of rank and benefits and tossed on the street.

His actions are a very dangerous precedent that must not be allowed to stand.