CNN Reveals Culture of Abuse and Cover-Up in the US Coast Guard

Here’s the CNN report

The study, which was conducted internally and included interviews from nearly 300 people from across the organization, highlighted concerns that “blatant sexual harassment of women” and hazing were regularly accepted as just part of the culture. Those accused of discrimination, assault and other misconduct, were allowed to “escape accountability and instead resign, retire, or transfer,” the report found, with some offenders getting rehired by the Coast Guard in civil service positions even after being forced to retire or otherwise leave military service. “We are allowing potentially dangerous members back into society with no punishment,” stated one employee. Others said leaders brushed serious problems ‘under the rug,” and that “senior leaders care about themselves and their careers” instead of “the folks that work for them.”

Do they give any examples? tbh sounds like every military institution that ever existed

Yeah, the CG could change their motto from ‘Semper Paratus’ to ’ U.S. Coast Guard, No Worse Than the Other Services’.

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