Coast Guard Protecting Their Own?

USN, 1965-1993, mustang.

Saw a fair number of miscreants of varying degrees escape any consequences of their actions by being allowed to retire, or discharge under honorable conditions instead of proper UCMJ justice.

Same in the other services, and apparently in many corporations.

But the USCG seems to have perfected this ‘protect our own’, particularly with regard to their precious USCGA and its long term sexual harassment issues.

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…and now a big announcement regarding CG actions to protect mariners from SA/SH…(which should be so; no one needs to tolerate that-AT ALL), but juuuuust maybe they ought to turn the magnifying glass inwards a bit. How an O6 can get away with “creeping” on a cadet is beyond my understanding. We are willing to haul Captains/Chiefs off to jail for assault on Merchant Marine Cadets/Midshipmen, but the fox guarding the hen house is ok? There is no excuse, other than fancy lawyering and a ring-knockers safety circle, that this happened!!!

Seriously flawed analogy. It was 2016. The enforcement of SASH on merchant mariners is less than 2 years old. In 2016, things were also different for merchant mariners and cadets.

So that makes it ok?!?!?!?

Of course it’s not. But you’re presenting something from the past and implying it’s indicative of the present. It’s not.

A day late and a dollar short, but … About time